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Bright Star corporation Limited

One of the biggest conglomerates in Bangladesh.

The legacy of Bright Star corporation Limited is over one decade old and over the years Bright Star Corporation Ltd has established itself as the full of confidence and much revered industrial family of Bangladesh. It consists of 9 big concerns with diverse activities & different products. Bright Star Corporation Ltd launched its venture as a travel agency more than 15 years ago.

Mission, Vision & Values


Bright Star corporation Limited believes in serving the people and the country; not only in doing business and making profit. It had come into existence with that belief and adopted ‘For the People, For the Country’ as its core theme. All the Bright Star Corporation Ltd concerns always try to offer best possible services and products to customers for attaining their full satisfaction, as the group endorses the notion that customers are the ultimate determining factor in success of any organization. It always strives to introduce new products and services to the customers.Bright Star Corporation Ltd believes that no organization can grow without an able and dedicated workforce behind it. It values and nurtures its officials, employees and other members of the staff accordingly. Through various acts and measures, the group tries to create a sense of belonging among the workforce so that they explore their full potential and give full dedication to the organization and get evaluated accordingly.


Bright Star corporation Limited has already become one of the largest conglomerates and the leader in many areas of business and industry in Bangladesh. It wishes to go far ahead from where it is now. The group wants to be the largest business house of the country and the biggest contributor, from the private sector, to the economic and social development. It also wishes to bring more and more people under job and thus become the largest employer in the private sector. To accomplish the vision, the group has already ventured into many business and industrial areas, including some as pioneer, and has plans to be engaged in many more areas. The group has started works for going global and hopes to announce its global presence in a couple of years.


Bright Star Corporation Ltd has adopted patriotism, honesty, fair practice and service to the nation as its core values, which act as the main basis in its decision-making. These values have created a moral compass for everyone at the group from the top management to ordinary employees and created the organizational culture accordingly. The group always tries to be driven by these values and not to deviate from them in any situation.

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