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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful!

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh!

Is day trading Halal or Haram in Islam? Are there any Islamic Halal Brokers?
This is one of the biggest concerns that aren’t sorted yet! in our site – Most of the people think that purchasing stocks from any medium is a Haram while others believe it to be Halal. Open Halal account Here

Forex is in Islam is allowed – and here in AARIZ INT. GROUP we will help you understand all that is needed to follow the Islamic rules and make sure you trade with Halal broker.

Islamic Trading

Most of the people around the globe accept the fact that purchasing stocks is Halal and is definitely not Haram. The reason behind this acceptance is that the person holding a share is a partner in the business that makes them eligible to get an equal percentage of profits that are earned through proper utilization of their efforts and devoting ample time, which is Halal.

The Islamic Halal Forex Trading is the perfect way of trading under Halal and get the desired revenues without any social conflict. Most of the people out there prefer Islamic Halal trading as they believe that it won’t affect their religious beliefs and would certainly offer them a good income source.

The thing that matters the most is the practices and the type of business that a company is into shouldn’t be against Islam, which would surely make is Haram. For instance, selling alcohol, drugs, or similar practices in business should be completely avoided so as to maintain Halal for your income. Moreover, the companies dealing in providing tourism services, hotels, and pornographic materials are categorized under Haram! Not even a small percentage of shares are accepted through these trades that aren’t categorized under Halal.

People who are involved in businesses other than the mentioned-above could be categorized under Halal and can have shares in the same companies as per the Islamic culture. No one could ever question the income generated from the shares from the companies that are offering services like medical, tools, real estate, and furniture business. This is the reason you should consider Islamic Halal Trading instead!

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The Definition of an Islamic Account

Both currencies and commodities are traded on the spot market for 24 hours. At 5:00 pm New York time, all open positions are rolled over for the next 24 hours and the daily interest is added to the company’s accounts every 24 hours. The company can then either pay the interest or charge the client’s account to cover the fees.

With an Islamic account, we make sure that there is no Riba in any form throughout the duration of the contract. In the currency market, if you don’t close the trade before 5:00 pm New York time, all open trades will be automatically rolled over. This normally poses a problem for those following Islamic law, due to the possible usurious interest charged for the rollover.

There’s no doubt that currency trading is one of the most difficult dilemmas in Islamic jurisprudence (Faqih). On the one hand, it requires the simultaneous exchange of currencies,  which makes it a kind of hand to hand exchange. On the other hand, contemporary scholars consider the record of money transferred to or from a bank account as delivery. To resolve the issue, several decisions and fatwas have been issued. According to these decrees, the conditions for trading currency are:

  • Immediate buying and selling without delay.
  • The currencies need to be transferred from the account of the seller to that of the buyer and vice versa.
  • The cost of the trade should be paid without delay.
  • No interest on trades. In the case that there is any usurious interest, the contract will be invalid, void and Haram.